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Luigi's Bizzare Adventure!

I was half-expecting him to use fireballs instead of knives, but whatever! WRRRYYYY!

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And you deserve it.

Very nice!

Yet another fantastic flash. I liked the message that this animation gave, and the music went along very well with it. This one, especially, was really unique and was more serious than some past flashes of yours. Still, I loved it very much! <3 <3

Keep it up, man. Can't wait to watch/review more flashes from you!

Mechabloby responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it and understood it, too. :)

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An epic game. Is it weird that I got a strange satisfaction out of kicking my own ass?


Incredible game. I saw the medals on my profile but I don't see all of them on this page...

Every click brings me joy.

Funny word order:

WHAT THE FU-*boom*
You shittin' me?

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That's it.

Three strikes, you're out! ...Of the list of people not included in my Favorite Artists list!

Burn7 responds:

LOL Thanks. I certainly try!

And I'm also extremely grateful that you're checking out my stuff. Thanks a ton, again.

A small nitpicking:

This song is actually the boss theme from Sonic 2. But it's amazing! It's one of my favorite songs from the Genesis Sonic games and this remix does it justice. The only thing that could be improved are the percussion samples but I really don't care; you got bonus points for doing this song, so I can still deduct a point and give you a 10 :D

Burn7 responds:

Hah, well thanks a ton dude. I actually did the remix for an ex of mine, and at the time all of my drumloops and stuff were TERRIBLE. So I agree, they could use work. Unfortunately this is kinda old and I don't really want to touch it.

But thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


This has long been my favorite Pokemon song, and while I hate metal, I inexplicably love metal remixes. This is no exception. You're an amazing guitarist, you really are, and I hope you make more things like this.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks! I will be trying, don't worry :)

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